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We offer three core services of Process Analysis and Diagnostics, Robotic Process Automation and Cognitive AI under one service umbrella called Process Excellence. 

As part of our support services we provide RPA training and Consultants on hire.

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Our work has spanned across many industries like Insurance, Banking, Financial Services, Utilities, and Government.

This experience has allowed us to formulate our implementation methodology called Foresight 20/20™ with 360° View that is  Agile and scalable and helps us deliver projects 20% faster and cheaper. 

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We strongly believe that this is the right time to embark on a automation journey and it really starts with your business processes. 

"RPA is here to reboot work by taking the robot out of the human, so that humans would get more time for valuable and meaningful work: make judgement calls, handle exceptions, and provide oversight."

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"It is estimated that about half of all the activities people are paid to do in the world’s workforce could potentially be automated by adapting currently demonstrated technologies."

Key Differentiator and Unique Delivery Model

Our Total Process Excellence Framework
Covers streamlining your business processes, automating them and building cognitive capabilities
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“Given currently demonstrated technologies, very few occupations—less than 5 percent—are candidates for full automation today, meaning that every activity constituting these occupations is automated”

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