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About Us

Our Motto: Our Success lies in Y[our] Success. We are not successful until you are.

Onbotix® Services is a boutique consulting company focused on process excellence that will guide you to achieve process and operational excellence within your organization that will result in better customer experience, higher employee motivation & job satisfaction, and more efficiency and savings within your business processes.

Onbotix® Services is a wholly-owned services group of Satya Consultants Inc. and is focused on three main service areas:

      • Process Intelligence Consulting
      • Intelligent or Robotic Process Automation Consulting
      • Cognitive AI Consulting

Satya Consultants Inc. was started in 2005 by Jaideep Kala when he started his independent consulting practice in Business Analysis, Project Management, Agile and Lean Six Sigma for Insurance vertical. Since then the firm has expanded to more people and verticals like Banking, Financial Services, Utilities and Manufacturing.

In 2018, while on a consulting assignment for a Banking client Jaideep saw firsthand how the users were relying heavily on Microsoft Excel to process and massage data from one system to the other. The users were doing this to fix the broken processes across systems, departmental boundaries and geographic locations. Being a Lean Process consultant he saw this as a time-consuming and non-value-add activity that was rule-based, repetitive and frequently used across most departments and Lines of Business (LoBs). He thought to himself there has to be a better way of managing this. However, most solutions centred on heavy technological investments and required long implementation time both of which the clients had no interest in. Fortunately, around this time he came across RPA or Robotic Process Automation and saw it as a technology that fit the bill perfectly. At that time only UiPath offered free community edition license and training, so he started exploring it. Soon enough he obtained certification in all aspects of UiPath. He found that it could automate time-consuming, repetitive, mundane tasks using software Robots that could be called to action as and when needed. It could perform most human tasks on computers such as interfacing with business applications, websites, pdfs, emailing and uploading, downloading data into Excel sheets etc. Not only could it not do all these but RPA as technology didn’t require major investment upfront and the implementation time was short. It was flexible, scalable and non-intrusive and disruptive.


This experience led him to focus on RPA and leverage his experience in technology and process consulting to come up with an engagement model and methodology that would guarantee delivery of project objectives within time, budget and quality constraints. Not only that it would be 20% faster and cheaper and 20% more accurate than traditional methodologies. He called this as Foresight 20/20™ with a 360° view as it provides a complete picture and analytics right from project initiation to sustainable operation.  However, he foresaw the need for holistic end to end solutions rather than a point solution that satisfied the client’s need at different stages of their process automation journey. Together with our methodology, our engagement model captures all your needs across the digital automation journey.

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