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Automation Training

Automation Training

Automation Training: We provide training on Robotics Process Automation for end users and executives. A primer training on Robotic Process Automation for business users and Executives. Level 1 technical training on UiPath RPA tool for power users to understand the tool and the technology Level 1 technical training on Minit Process Mining Tool.


RPA Primer

In this training we provide basic awareness about RPA that is needed to gain an understanding about the RPA technology, what it entails and the roles and responsibilities associated with implementing RPA within an organization.

UiPath Training

This is customized UiPath training and comes in three flavours as per the audience. 1. For Process Engineers: In this we give an introduction of UiPath and train on the activities performed by a Process Engineer. 2. For UiPath Citizen Developer: In this we give an introduction of UiPath and train the power users on the use of UiPath for developing simple Bots using UiPath Studio. 3. For Infrastructure Engineer: In this we provide training on UiPath Orchestrator and for hardware sizing.

Process Mining Training

In this training we show various features of Process Mining tools like Minit or Celonis and how to analyse the process using these features.

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