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Our Framework and Methodology

We use our engagement model to deliver our Process Excellence Service as a portfolio of our three main core competencies of Process Intelligence, Intelligent Automation and Cognitive AI. We deliver it as one holistic end to end service solution rather than as individual point solutions. We tend to look at process excellence as part of an overall business transformation or strategic initiative.  Operational excellence is achieved by aligning, people, processes and technology to strategic objective with a combination of strong leadership and right culture in place for it to be successful. Process excellence in that sense is just a part of the overall operational excellence.

People Process Technology

We call our framework for delivering Process Excellence as Total Process Excellence or TPE™. Our TPE™ framework (shown Below) along with our Foresight™ 20/20 with 360° View methodology that is built right into the framework. The Foresight methodology is customized for rapid RPA project delivery. It has Agile built into it and is therefor scaleable and it is able to deliver projects 20% faster , cheaper and more accurate. The methodology comes into play in the Step 2 of the TPE framework. The different phases of the methodology are Analysis -> Design -> Development -> System Integration Testing -> UAT -> Production Release -> Warranty. The analysis phase builds on the work done in the first step 1 of TPE framework to document the current manual process. The next step is to then document the automated state or how the process will function once automated. This information is captured in a document called PDD or process definition document. The PDD forms the basis for automation and is passed onto a Solutions Architect to create a Solutions Design Document or SDD. The SDD is broken down into sizeable collection of iterative work called sprints which are then executed by the development team to create the bots. After testing by the QA team and UAT (User Acceptance Testing) the Bots are production ready and released to production. The bots are monitored for a period of 1 month and service support is provided as part of the warranty period. 


                        TPE™ Framework                                                                                                                                                                                          Foresight™ 20/20 with 360° View 

The Process Excellence Journey is comprised or three sub- journeys of:  

1. Process Intelligence
2. Intelligent Robotic Process Automation
3. Cognitive AI.

Let us describe each of these sub journeys in detail: 

1. Process Intelligence: By using process mining tools and technology such as Minit we harness insights and analytics about your processes. We identify and remove rework, delays and other inefficiencies in your Business Processes before readying them for automation because it does not make sense to automate already existing inefficiencies. We also identify areas within business processes that are mundane, repetitive, rule based and frequent as candidates for Automation. All the understanding and insights about your processes helps us to create a prioritized process inventory for the next phase of Intelligent Robotic Process Automation.  

2. Intelligent Process Automation or IPA: The technology is moving so fast that already Robotic Process Automation is now being called Intelligent Process Automation. intelligence comes from the AI solutions like computer vision that are being built directly into the vendor tool offering. 

3. Cognitive AI: This is the last leg of the process excellence journey and the solution really depends on your Industry and Use case. We work with third party solution providers like DataRobot and to implement their solutions for specific use cases.  For some of the use cases please refer to the menu Use Cases. 

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