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Here are some HR Use Cases:

    • Payroll
    • Time and attendance management
    • Onboarding and offboarding
    • Benefits administration
    • Recruitment administrative activities
    • Personnel administration
    • Training administration
    • Travel expense processing
    • Contractual amendments
    • Employment proof issuing
    • Long-term and medical leave administration

Onboarding and Offboarding

HR processes for new hires (that are done to a certain extent for those who move inside the organization and those who leave it) come with a series of tasks that are manual, tedious and prone to errors, such as:

  • Customizing document templates with personal data (with copy/paste)
  • Background checks of candidates (academic record, criminal record, employment history) using different applications or even communication with public authorities and academic institutions


UiPath attended robot that is able to…

  • perform document fill-in in Word
  • send emails to universities and interpret the answers received
  • log in on public websites and retrieve information.

100% automation of the process steps

    • Process duration dropped by 85% vs. when it was conducted by humans
    • Error rate dropped close to 0%

Travel Expense Report Verification

Once a travel expense is submitted in the dedicated application, with the receipts attached, the compliance of the report and the expenses with the internal travel policy was manually verified and approved.

It was a tedious process, involving reading the receipts and matching the types, checking the travel policies, and doing manual calculations.

UiPath attended robot that is able to…

    • use OCR to extract information from receipts
    • match the amounts and categories of expenses with those in the report
    • confirm the authenticity of the receipts
    • verify the policy limits and provisions

Whenever the robot is unable to complete the task on its own, it asks for the help of a human user.

80% automation (1 in 5 cases need human assistance)

    • Process duration dropped by 60% vs. when it was conducted by humans
    • Error rate dropped by 65% vs. when it was conducted by humans
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