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IT Services

IT Service Use Cases

IT Services:

    • Server and application monitoring
    • Routine maintenance and monitoring
    • Batch processing
    • Email processing and distribution
    • Password reset/unlock
    • Back-up and restoration

Password Lock and Reset

In large companies, employees need to contact the IT staff for resetting or unlocking the password. After verifying the employee identity, the IT representative needs to access the user management application, then searches for the blocked user and unlocks/resets the password.

Since most of the employees discover that their passwords are blocked early in the morning and need a solution immediately, there was an obvious bottleneck with direct impact on the employee satisfaction regarding the IT services.

UiPath unattended robot that is able to…

    • read and interpret reset requests via email or chat
    • identify the affected users
    • log in on the dedicated application
    • check the status and perform resets or unlocks.

100% automation of the process steps

  • Process duration dropped by 50% vs. when it was conducted by humans
  • Employee satisfaction regarding the process increased by 60%
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