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Retail Use Cases

Some Retail Use Cases:

    • Onboarding, Offboarding & payroll
    • Inventory and contract management
    • Invoicing and returns processing
    • Sales analytics
    • Customer inquiries
    • Order management
    • Customer account setup
    • Document processing
    • Duplicate system entry

Let’s look at a specific use case.

Tracking inactive users

Inactive users are never good news. The underlying issue may be more serious (a competitive disadvantage, or even a fraud risk), and the implications are also serious (usually revenues dropping).

As the sales and support teams are more often busy with the active clients, the tracking of the silent clients is done either manually from time to time, or through reports that almost never capture the whole picture.

UiPath unattended robot that is able to…

    • check the internal systems for inactive clients, as defined by the business
    • match the information with public sources
    • send alerts to sales and support teams.

100% automation of the process steps

  • Retention increased by 55% due to timely interventions.
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