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Our Services

Our Services fall under three main categories:

1. Process Excellence

Process Excellence: This is our core service offering. We offer thre main services within Process Excellence: Process Intelligence using Process Mining tool like Minit to uncover inefficiencies within Processes. Intelligent Process Automation and Robotic Process Automation using UiPath. Cognitive AI to solve more specific use case using solutions such as DataRobot and

2. Training

Training: We provide training on Robotics Process Automation for end users and executives. A primer training on Robotic Process Automation for business users and Executives. A Level 1 technical training on UiPath RPA tool for power users to understand the tool and the technology A Level 1 technical training on Minit Process Mining Tool.

3. Staff Augmentation

 Staff Augmentation:  We provide: Business Process Consultants;  Technical RPA Developer or Solution Architects; and Infrastructure Engineer.

1. Process Excellence

Process Intelligence

The process excellence journey begins with deriving process intelligence from processes under consideration or within a business initiative. This intelligence is used to identify areas within the processes that would benefit from application of RPA and Cognitive AI. But even before that, the insights obtained through process mining are used to streamline the process and make it more efficient. It does not make sense to automate an inefficient process because it will only perpetuate inefficiency faster.

Intelligent Automation

The intelligence derived from process Intelligence is used to identify areas for automation within an end to end process to create an prioritized inventory list of candidate processes as per the business case or strategic initiative. Here are the various phases in the process automation. Analysis -> Design -> Development -> Test -> Release -> Sustain The first step is to document the current manual process state or how the process currently functions. The next step is to then document the automated state or how the process will function once automated. This information is captured in a document called PDD or process definition document. The PDD forms the basis for automation and is passed onto a Solutions Architect to create a Solutions Design Document or SDD. The SDD is broken down into seizeable collection of work called sprints which are then executed by the development team to create the bots. After testing by the QA team and UAT (User Acceptance Testing) the Bots are production ready and released to production. As part of the sustain Phase there is a one month support provided during this warranty period.

Cognitive AI

As part of this offering we help deliver third party solutions that are for specific Uses Cases e.g. Invoice Processing that can be integrated with UiPath and seamlessly delivered as part of the processes automation.

2. Training


RPA Primer

In this training we provide basic awareness about RPA that is needed to gain an understanding about the RPA technology, what it entails and the roles and responsibilities associated with implementing RPA within an organization.

UiPath Training

This is customized UiPath training and comes in three flavours as per the audience. 1. For Process Engineers: In this we give an introduction of UiPath and train on the activities performed by a Process Engineer. 2. For UiPath Citizen Developer: In this we give an introduction of UiPath and train the power users on the use of UiPath for developing simple Bots using UiPath Studio. 3. For Infrastructure Engineer: In this we provide training on UiPath Orchestrator and for hardware sizing.

Minit Process Intelligence

In this training we show cvarious features of Minit Process Intelligence tool and how to analyse the process using these features.

3. Staff Augmentation

Business Process Consultant

Business Process Consultants or Process Engineer analyze the process and document the current state and automated state. They are responsible for creation the Process Design Document or the PDD.

RPA Developer

RPA Developers and Solution Architects

The solution Architect takes the PDD developed by the Business Process Consultant and developed the solution Architect which is documented in Solution Design Document or SDD. RPA developer is part of the development team for building Bots that take the SDD as input for the design of Bots.

Cognitive AI

Infrastructure Engineer

The Infrastructure Engineer is responsible for hardware sizing, Licensing and managing the orchestraor and Robotic Operations Centre.

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