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Supply Chain Use Case

Supply Chain Management Use Cases

    • Inventory management
    • Demand and supply planning
    • Invoice and contract management
    • Work order management
    • Returns processing
    • Freight management

Let’s look at some specific use cases.

Invoice matching and validation

In the supply chain, large organizations work with many suppliers, and need to handle variations in quantity, quality and price from one order to another.

Each order of supplies and raw materials must match the purchase order or be within a tolerated discrepancy. Humans spend many hours to match line by line the invoices received from the suppliers with the purchase order.

UiPath attended robot that is able to…

  • login in the ERP system
  • match the invoice with a purchase order
  • use OCR activity if the invoice is scanned
  • match quantity and price for each item on the invoice

If the calculated discrepancy is within the tolerated limits, the robot can approve it. Otherwise, it asks for human confirmation.

75% automation (1 in 4 cases needs human assistance)

Process duration dropped by 50% vs. when it was conducted by humans

  • Error rate dropped by 30% vs. when it was conducted by humans
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